The AR57 PDW Upper

The AR57 PDW Upper is the most revolutionary new design on an AR15 platform.

Blending the near perfect ergonomics of the ubiquitous AR15/M16 lower with a light weight,

fast handling monolithic upper receiver system chambered in the 21st century’s exciting new

caliber / 5.7X28mm.

Complete reliability, simplicity of design, and utterly low maintenace are hallmarks of the AR57.

The ground breaking 50 round magazine, innovated and produced by FN Herstal, is the heart

of this exceptional system.  Top and forward mounted on the AR57 upper receiver, directly

above the barrel for optimum balance and exceptional shoot ability, allows the shooter to take

best advantage of cover and concealment.  There is no magazine in the way to force the operator

up off the deck and into the path of incoming fire.  The shooter will also notice that he can place

his support hand and arm directly under the rifle where it belongs and obtain a perfect shooting

position in off-hand, kneeling and prone positions.

The upper receiver and rails are precisely millled from a monolithic block of aircraft grade 7075 T6

aluminum.  Any sighting systems mounted on the M1913 Picatiny rails will stayed zeroed through

the toughest of missions.

Designed with reliability as it’s primary feature.  There is no gas system to become clogged with

carbon or fouling making any maintenance a snap.  The bolt and chamber stay clean well beyond

extended shooting sessions.

The AR57 PDW Upper receiver comes with a ER Shaw barrel, precision manufactured for exceptional

accuracy and extreme durability – offered in numerous lengths and features.

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