{TOP 10} Best Ankle Holsters Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

{TOP 10} Best Ankle Holsters Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

Are you a concealed carry firearm owner? Do you want to carry your firearm more and have it detected less? If so, an ankle holster may be the answer. But selecting an ankle holster, especially your first one, can be daunting. We are here to help. The ten reviews in this article examine the top ten best ankle holster on the market.


The ankle holster has long been seen as a gimmick. People see it as something made popular by Hollywood. They don’t seem very practical in the real world. Nothing could be further from the truth. An ankle holster is not the answer for every situation. However, it is perfect for many. It offers an excellent means of carrying your firearm comfortably and almost completely undetected. Best of all, it is versatile enough to be worn with a variety of outfits.

We have reviewed a wide range of best ankle holster below. These include some of the most popular brands available. Read on to learn our recommendations.

TOP 10 Best Ankle Holsters

Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

1. Alien Gear Shape Shift Ankle Holster

Are you looking for a carry ankle holster that provides a secure fit? Do you want superior weapon retention without the uncomfortable and unreliable garters and calf straps? If so, you are in luck. The Alien Gear Shape Shifter Ankle Holster is a revolutionary design. It incorporates comfort, fit, and retention into a single, hard-to-beat package.

The Shape Shift does not rely on garters, calf straps, or even an ankle band. Alien Gear has gone in a different direction. They include a two-piece design that anchors to the heel.

The first piece resembles a half sock. It cups the heel while wrapping around the ankle. The second includes the holster itself. It wraps around the ankle and secures to the first piece via a wide Velcro band. This provides an unbeatably secure fit. The holster is molded to fit your firearm. It includes both an internal locking mechanism and an adjustable retention system.

The rig is constructed from CoolVent Neoprene. Every edge is wrapped and stitched. This prevents overheating and chafing. It also feels soft against the skin. Plus, the neoprene will not loosen over time. It can be stretched to fit any wearer. The various excellent feature of this concealed carry ankle holster makes it top our list of the best ankle holster.

2. Holstermart USA TAGUA Premium Ankle Holster

Are you looking for an ankle holster but like traditional leather holsters? Well, look no further. The Tagua by Holstermart USA is the one for you.

Most nylon ankle holster rely on nylon or neoprene. The Tagua tactical gear, in contrast, is all leather. This includes both the holster and ankle band. The band is secured with a hook & loop closure. The soft backside provides improved comfort. It also wicks sweat away. Finally, a full snap closure thumb break keeps your firearm secure. You can still access it quickly when needed.

This is a right hand draw, left leg design. It will fit most modern small frame revolvers. It is only available in one size. But the leather band allows for a wide range of adjustments. These carry holsters will fit most shooters.

Because this is genuine leather, there is a break-in period. After that, you will need to readjust the holster for an ideal fit.

3. Gould & Goodrich Bootlock Ankle Holster

Using an ankle holster means it is important to keep your firearm secure even during physical activity. The Bootlock Ankle Holster by Gould & Goodrich does just that and more.

At first glance, this holster looks like most other ankle holsters. There is a wide band. They are some hook & loop material. It is a molded leather holster. But on closer inspection, you will see the differences. The band includes a series of twelve small holes between the hook & loop and holster. This is what makes the Bootlock special. It is where the holster gets its name.

The holes in the band allow you to secure it to your boot via the laces. You can adjust placement high or low for maximum comfort. Once laced in place, it is almost impossible to move.

This holster is available in either left or right-hand designs. It is sized to fit most modern firearms. That includes revolvers or semi-autos.

4. Fobus J Frame Ankle Holster

Do you like to carry a J Frame revolver? Have you experienced trouble finding a comfortable, reliable means of concealing it? Fobus may just have your next and maybe last holster. Check out the J Frame Ankle Holster.

This holster includes all the features needed to secure your firearm. They allow you to access it easily and carry it comfortably. The injection-molded holster fits like a glove. An internal passive retention system secures the firearm. There is no need for a thumb break. This also allows quicker, hassle-free access under stress. An ultra-thick nylon band with a suede liner and Velcro adjustable strap provides a stable platform. It is capable of keeping the holster in place all day. Thanks to the extra width of the band, the holster also protects from chafing.

Despite being a molded holster, this design weighs in at only 4 ounces! You can wear it all day without worry. No more unnatural gait, leg fatigue, or discomfort.

5. Galco Ankle Glove

Are you in search of an ankle holster that provides retention, quality, and comfort? If so, the answer is the Ankle Glove by Galco.

Galco is known for providing high-quality holsters . They are trusted by some of the most experienced professionals worldwide. The Galco Ankle Glove is a fine example of its craftsmanship.

The Galco ankle lite holster pocket is constructed of premium steer hide for long-term durability. Leather is less likely to scratch your firearm. It is custom-molded to your firearm. This product fits a variety of popular models. Galco has recently added many models that include red dot optics.

Other features include an extra-wide, breathable neoprene band. There is also an optional calf strap and Velcro secured thumb break retention strap. The combination of features makes this one of the most comfortable, secure ankle holsters available.

6. Desantis Die Hard Ankle Rig 

Are you looking for an ankle holster that combines comfort and security? If so, the Desantis Die Hard Ankle Rig is worth a try.

Desantis has a reputation for producing some of the finest holsters on the market. Their reputation is built by providing superior workmanship. They also only use the best materials. The Die Hard Ankle Rig is no exception.

This holster provides an extra-wide nylon strap. It holds the holster firmly in place. An optional thigh strap provides additional security. But the real focus is the holster itself. It is constructed of genuine leather and coated for extra durability.

The interior is lined with smooth leather to prevent damage to your firearm. Plus, it is molded to fit your firearm. Finally, there is a full leather retention strap with a snap closure. It not only holds the firearm securely but also provides additional protection.

This is one of the most comfortable ankle holsters available. Thanks to the wide nylon strap your firearm’s weight is evenly distributed. You won’t find a more comfortable ankle holster.

7. BUGBite Concealment Holster

Do you find ankle holsters uncomfortable? Are you concerned your firearms are subject to being lost during physical activity? If so, BUGBite just may have the answer.

This calf holster takes the ankle holster to another level. It does not rely on a small strap that secures low on the leg. It instead utilizes a much wider platform that moves the holster higher. This design allows for a larger, more secure platform. It reduces the likelihood of loss and also increases comfort.

The entire holster is constructed from lightweight, breathable neoprene. The firearm is securely carried in a side pocket. There is angled access to reduce the chances your firearm will accidentally slip. Plus, the entire unit is secured to your thigh. It uses both rip-tape straps and a zipper safety.

Even if you wear your holster for hours at a time, there will still be superior comfort and security.

8. Uncle Mike’s Nylon Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster

Do you want to try an ankle holster, but carry a variety of firearms? Are you annoyed that you have to purchase a different holster for each? What you need is one holster that will fit all your concealed firearms. The answer is Uncle Mike’s Nylon Off-Duty and Concealment Ankle Holster.

This single holster will fit a wide range of firearms. They range from a small .38 revolver to a larger compact .45 semi-automatic. The expandable Kodra nylon material will stretch to accept larger firearms. It will still maintain its shape. So it can be used on smaller firearms after accommodating larger ones.

This is one of the most versatile ankle holsters available. It is also designed to provide superior security. The extra-wide main strap is secured via a combination of Velcro and a buckle. They are less likely to accidentally release during physical activity. A removable calf strap provides additional slip protection. Plus, there is a heavy-duty thumb break retention strap. It can also be adjusted to fit your specific firearm.

9. Blackhawk! Ankle Holster

For the firearms owner on a budget, finding a reliable ankle holster can be a challenge. Blackhawk!, a leader in CCW holsters, has the answer. Their Ankle Holster offers a high-quality design. Their holster offers many of the features found in top-name products at a fraction of the price.

Unlike other budget ankle holsters, Blackhawk! offers many features. There is more than a simple elastic band and sewn-in firearm pouch. This holster is constructed from closed-cell foam. A denier Cordura nylon band is secured by a buckle/hook & loop system. There is also a calf strap and non-stretch retention strap.

This holster provides the wearer with a level of comfort unavailable in similarly priced models. The improved retention band can be easily adjusted. You can even wear the holster over a boot. Thanks to the full cover holster, your firearm is secure and easy to access. In short, it is hard to find another holster this good at a similar price.

10. Bulldog Ankle Holster

Do you routinely carry a small frame semi-automatic pistol? Then an ankle holster is a great option. Unfortunately, many are too big. They weigh almost as much as the firearm itself. The Bulldog Ankle Holster offers something different.

This concealed carry holster is designed specifically for small frame semi-automatics. This allowed the designers to provide a secure, highly functional holster. It does not have unnecessary features that add bulk and weight. The result is a simple elastic nylon band, heavy-duty nylon holster, and adjustable thumb break.

This is a simple, no-frills design. But it does not sacrifice comfort or security. The extra-wide body is constructed from elastic nylon for a comfortable fit. The wide Velcro security band allows for plenty of adjustment. Yet the holster will still be secure. This is a “one size fits many” holster. Yet the incorporation of an adjustable thumb break retention strap keeps things secure.

Ankle Holsters: Types, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Most people take their guns with them for personal security when going out. In addition, many security officials use them during an operation in case of an emergency. However, before taking your gun out, you might need to conceal it, and the perfect way to do so is by using an ankle holster. You may be using the holster for a professional environment, personal security, or recreational purposes. We have a compilation of detailed insight on ankle holsters in this article. We will be analyzing some of the best types coupled with their benefits.

Types of Ankle Holsters

There are different types of ankle holsters. By knowing the varying types, you can easily decide on the ankle holster you feel works best for you. Here is a list of the different types;

  1.  Strap-on ankle holster
  2. Strap-on hybrid ankle holster
  3. Hybrid ankle holster
  4. Slip-on ankle holster

The most popular ankle holsters are strap-on ankle holsters and slip-on ankle holsters. Here is a simple and precise definition of these two types:

Strap-on Ankle Holster

The strap-on ankle holster offers its users a comfortable use with a soft ankle strap. With this feature, you can quickly draw out your weapon from any part of your ankles using your right or left hand. It is recommended for people who will be wearing their ankle holster all day. In addition, with this ankle holster, the hook-and-loop strap feature makes its use easier. 

Like most ankle holsters, they come with a series of straps or a single strap to ensure the ammunition is safely kept in one place. In addition, it gives you the comfort of efficiently removing or wearing them without having to remove your shoes. Their fitting is top-notch, and they also perfectly conceal your weapons.

Slip-on Ankle Holster

This type of ankle holster is trendy because manufacturing it is way more economical and effortless. Due to this, buyers who wish to purchase an ankle holster with a tight budget can afford it. 

One of its features is a neoprene band that attaches to the holster. With this feature, compression and flexibility are possible, but if there is no calf strap for keeping the holster safe, many slip-on holsters will not function long-term.

However, due to the availability of neoprene, you may not be comfortable when you wear your slip-on ankle holster. The holster could discomfort you, especially when you wear them for a long time, and give the issue of breathable neoprene bands or moisture-wicking liners.

Next, we shall be addressing the benefits of ankle holsters and their drawbacks. They can guide you further in knowing more about ankle holsters.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Ankle Holsters



Ankle holsters can hide your guns and other ammunition from the public eye. Making them visible can draw unnecessary attention, but it is hard to see since it is on the legs, a place where people rarely look. It is more invisible when you wear long pants with a baggy or flared bottom to cover the ankle holsters. With a dress like this, the gun will remain hidden even when you sit down, and you can quickly draw out your weapon.


It is more convenient to use an ankle holster, especially when seated. You can stretch to get out your gun faster when seated. Also, it gives you comfort when walking with it.

Backup Plan

Say you need a backup gun in the case of an emergency; this ankle holster can help solve that problem. It can easily hold your back ammunition and, in some cases, more than one. So, suppose your primary ammunition fails to help you at the time of emergency. In that case, your secondary ammunition in your ankle holster can come in handy.


Posture Limitation

It is more challenging to draw out your gun from your ankle holster while standing than while sitting. Moreover, it is usually weird and time-consuming, which is a bad thing in the case of an emergency. Hence the reason ankle holsters usually hold people’s secondary weapons and not the primary ones.

Easily Attracts Dust

Your ankle is a part of your body that is very close to the ground. This is why ankle holster are known as a concealed carrier. Since your ankle holster is placed at your ankle, your weapon can easily attract dust after walking around. Over time, the dust and dirt can spoil the working condition of your gun. So, it is vital to clean the gun once every week to prevent it from damaging.


It can be challenging to move around with an ankle holster in some cases. In addition, the weight of the holster and ammunition sometimes breeds discomfort for its users, which is a limitation.

FAQs on Ankle Holsters

1. Can ankle holsters hold more than one ammunition?

Some ankle holsters can hold more than one ammunition, while some can only carry one ammo. So again, it depends on the kind of holster you buy.

2. Can I run with my ankle holster?

Yes, you certainly can run with your ankle carry holster as long as it does not hurt you when you do so. Some people complain of severe pain when they run with it, while some don’t.

3. Are ankle holsters easy to use?

Yes, right hand pistol is simple to use. You only need a quick guide on the use of pistol with ankle holsters, and you are good to go.


There you have it. We’ve covered the best ankle holsters on the market today. Each of the reviewed holsters provides excellent concealability and safety.

An ankle holster may not be the choice for every firearm owner or every scenario. It is still a nice option to have. They have long been a favorite among professionals. Ankle holsters are perfect for a small frame firearm. Concealed carry owners are now recognizing their benefits as well.

Each of the above holsters provides any firearm owner the ability to carry almost anywhere. We are sure that one of these choices will meet your needs. One of the ten is sure to become your next ankle holster.

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