Frequently asked Questions

1)  Will the AR57 upper receiver fit on my existing lower receiver ?

A) The AR57 upper receiver will fit all Standard AR15/M16/M4 lower receivers.

    It comes standard with a “carbine” buffer; for all “retractable” / “collapsible” / “carbine” stock lower receivers. 

    Please note:    An additional buffer is available and required

    for all standard “butt stock” / “rifle stock”/ “A2 type” stock lower receivers.


2) Howcome my AR57 Upper assembly will not run full auto ?

       A)  All AR57 Upper Assemblies come standard with a semi auto bolt that will

            not engage any DIAS.  A full auto bolt and buffer are available separately,

             ….. please see product catalog 

3)  Will the AR57 Upper receiver work with my existing fire control group ?

       A)  AR57 Upper assemblies will work with all standard MIL-SPEC fire control

            groups … and most all “two stage” / after market / fire control groups. 

            Some exceptions may apply to other custom configurations.

4)  Will the AR57 function with non-commercial / non-standard or handloaded

     ammunition ?

     Warning: Using damaged, incorrect, non-standard or handloaded ammunition may result

                           in firearm failure or misfire.  USE ONLY SAAMI or C.I.P. APPROVED AMMUNITION ! 

                           We can assume no liability nor warrant our products for incidents which occur through

                           the use of cartridges of nonstandard dimensions or which develop pressures in excess

                           of commercially available ammunition which has been loaded in accordance with

                           standards established by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute

                           (SAAMI) or Commission Internationale Permanente (C.I.P.)

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