{TOP 5} Best Car Holster Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

The living space of contemporary men is divided mostly between their homes and vehicles. This is a daily routine that requires adjusting to specific circumstances and surroundings for most people.

On the other side, gun owners share a similar lifestyle, but they have issues mixing cars and firearms daily.

Everyone like us who practice an EDC concept (everyday carry gun), or in plain words, carry a defensive gun daily, is aware of a constant need for adaptation to different environments like cars, banks, public institutions, or restaurants that don’t allow firearms inside.

There is a vast sea of carry styles and holster types available on the market designed for on-body use. Typically, each of them is more or less suitable for use on foot and comes with advantages and drawbacks. However, the situation changes dramatically when we are sitting behind the wheel of our car or truck. Even the most comfortable carrying rig to wear while standing or walking can rapidly turn uncomfortable when sitting in your car or truck.

Unlike CCW on foot, carrying a gun in a vehicle requires a well-thought strategy that has been perceived from multiple directions.

There are many different variations of firearm regulations in the US states that are opposed. For example, while some states don’t allow your defensive gun to be visible from the outside, other states require a handgun to be carried on the body, and in some states, you’ll be breaking the law if your firearm isn’t stored in the trunk or cargo compartment.

Anyway, many CCW license owners are convinced that carrying a handgun holstered on the body in the vehicle is not the best solution as it can push, poke, and prod in the most sensitive places. Of course, the weapon accessibility also suffers, always requiring you to struggle to deploy your firearm.

Luckily, a good car holster or vehicle holster will allow the fastest and most efficient ways of drawing and securing your sidearm.

A general thumb rule is that your firearm must rest securely within comfortable reach, making any mounting option near the driver’s seat a perfect and easy-to-reach.

Another consideration is the security of the holster or the way how the holster can stay in a position even over the worst potholes and roughest roads.

For mounting a sidearm in the main cabin of the car, you can use two main gun attachment styles. These are magnetic and holster styles and they should provide easy mounting on your vehicle without too many technicalities.

Like a regular belt car holster, you should check if your firearm and vehicle are compatible with a specific car holster before purchasing a car holster.

Lastly, the key factor that you should consider is to avoid leaving your firearm unattended in your vehicle. No matter what vehicle holster or car vault you use, or whether you put your sidearm in the glove box or the center console, your firearm never should be left in the car unattended.

A locking car-mounted vault can give you some peace of mind when you don’t have the choice.

As for the location in the vehicle, you can choose any of them, but you should be realistic with your vision concentrated through the windshield.

With glove compartments completely out of the picture, the central consoles and the side door panels also are not the best choice because reaching them can be difficult and is cumbersome.

If you plan to put your sidearm down on the floorboard, you have to know it is far from the best choice, as it would be holding a pistol at the overhead visor from where it can slip into the driver’s lap.

Keeping the holster under the steering wheel mechanism would enable you to easily reach your handgun while it remains well concealed.

Types of Car Holsters

1. Magnetic Car Holsters

Magnetic car holsters use strong magnets to secure firearms in place. They are often attached to the vehicle’s interior panels, such as under the steering wheel or within the glove compartment. These holsters provide a simple and quick solution for accessing firearms when needed, without compromising safety.

2. Under Seat Car Holsters

Under seat car holsters are designed to fit underneath the driver or passenger seats. They offer a discreet storage option, keeping firearms out of sight while remaining easily accessible. These holsters are typically made of durable materials and are secured in place using straps or mounting systems.

3. Console Car Holsters

Console car holsters are installed within the center console of a vehicle. They provide a convenient location for storing firearms and other essential items. With their close proximity to the driver’s seat, console holsters allow for quick and easy access during emergencies.

4. Dashboard Car Holsters

Dashboard car holsters are attached to the dashboard or within the vicinity of the steering wheel. These holsters are favored by individuals who prefer to have their firearms within immediate reach. They offer a visible and easily accessible storage solution while driving.

5. Seatback Car Holsters

Seatback car holsters are designed to attach to the back of the driver or passenger seat. They provide a secure and concealed storage option, ensuring quick access to firearms when needed. Seatback holsters are often adjustable to accommodate different firearm sizes and seat configurations.

Features to Consider in a Car Holster

When choosing a car holster, it is important to consider several key features to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

1. Secure Attachment Mechanism

A reliable car holster should have a secure attachment mechanism that prevents accidental dislodging or movement while driving. Look for holsters that utilize robust straps, mounting systems, or strong magnets to keep the holster firmly in place.

2. Accessibility and Quick Draw

In emergency situations, quick and easy access to your firearm is critical. Choose a car holster that allows for a smooth and effortless draw, ensuring that your firearm can be accessed swiftly and efficiently when needed.

3. Adjustability and Compatibility

Car holsters should be adjustable to accommodate different firearm sizes and models. Ensure that the holster provides a snug fit for your specific firearm, minimizing any unwanted movement or rattling while driving.

4. Concealment and Discretion

Carrying a firearm in a vehicle often requires discretion. Look for holsters that offer effective concealment, keeping your firearm out of sight from prying eyes. Opt for holsters with low-profile designs and materials that blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior.

5. Material Durability and Protection

Choose a car holster made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Look for features such as padded lining or protective coatings to prevent scratches or damage to your firearm.


1. Gum Creek GCC-UVHHM-BLK Vehicle Handgun Mount Clip

We are starting this overview with one easy to mount option, very popular among first time buyers and CCW owners, who may not want to keep their sidearms on them while driving.

This handgun mount clip comes from the Gum Creek, a US based company that has a wide line of vehicle gun concealment holsters and mounts.

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount Clip consists of a steel backing plate wrapped in a rugged fabric and the non-marring securing hooks made of heavy nylon.

This Gum Creek product is purpose built as a universal steering wheel column mount. That position may be the best choice to reach into to extract a firearm while concentrating vision through the windshield.

Gum Creek’s Handgun Mount attaches with hooks directly into the gap below the steering column and fixes at the bottom of the dashboard or lower kick panel.

This mounting system not only keeps your carry pistol secured and concealed, but it also doesn’t interfere with driving. Since it’s mounted to your steering wheel column, the Gum Creek mount stays out of sight from public or passersby view.

Many people like the Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount because it can be installed with no tools, drilling, or vehicle modifications. The only limitation for this type of magnetic mount refers to vehicles with a driver-side knee airbag, because it can launch your handgun at yourself in the event of a frontal impact.

In the end, one important note, as its name says the Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount doesn’t actually come with a holster, but you can use almost any common type of holster that has belt loops or clips.


  • Can be fastened to all types of clip holders 
  • The design is flexible, strong, and streamlined
  • Can fit almost all cars 
  • Numerous mounting options available
  • Ambidextrous 
  • Can also functions as belt gun holsters 


  • Costly for a  mount-only device
  • There are no holsters available

2. Jotto Gear Quick Access Holster for Car

Rugged Steel, Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations

Jotto Gear recently released a new, technologically advanced holster designed as a dual purpose product and it is not a typical wearable holster.

Though it is dubbed a Quick Access Holster for Car, maybe it would be more correctly to call it a handgun storage device, since it can be used as a Locking Handgun Holster for Car and also as a gun vault in your home or office.

The Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster is designed to be attached to the concealed interior of a vehicle such as the center console, your car glove box compartment or trunk.

While this car holster fully conceals your gun so it cannot be viewed by passersby, it features an open back that allows you to easily slide your sidearm straight out when you need it. Unlike most other competitors, the Jotto Gear Quick Access car holster boasts a solid steel construction and locking device integrated into the design of their car holster. For this higher level of security Jotto Gear has designed a fingerprint reader connected to the gun holster by a wire. This biometric handgun holster offers quick and safe access to your pistol recognizing you with a simple finger touch. In practice your off-hand activates it while the dominant hand draws the weapon.

Although Jotto Gear car holster features a rugged steel design for durability, the interior comes lined with a soft Goodrich premium tanned cowhide leather to protect your handgun from scratches or other types of damage.

The Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster is compatible with most semi-automatic handguns and also works with mounted tactical lights and laser grips.

Since the installation requires drilling into your vehicle, this locking holster is shipped with special mounting brackets. They allow you to mount it either vertically or horizontally, whichever way suits you best.

The Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster is also quite a pricey option, and a bit of an investment.


  • Very safe and durable 
  • One of the strongest vehicle gun holsters available in the market 
  • Compatible with most 1911 models and Glocks 
  • Lined with silicon to protect your gun from scratches
  • It can also be used under office desks and on bed frames. 


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Restricted mounting options available 
  • Complex to install

3. STINGER Safety Trigger Guard Protection Magnetic Gun Holder

Easy Conceal in Car, Truck, Vehicle, Desks, Safes, Walls, Handgun Rifle Shotgun Pistol Revolver, Gun Mount Rack

Stinger Safety Trigger Guard Protection Magnetic Gun Holder is a pistol magnet mount with an integrated trigger-guard protection system. The Stinger gun holder is constructed of a stainless steel mount and uses powerful neodymium rare metal magnets to hold the firearm in place.

Unlike some competitor’s designs, the Stinger Gun Magnetic Holder cradles the trigger guard allowing the handgun to sit inside the holster, rather than being held up.

The neodymium magnetic cradle provides a higher level of stability, whereas these powerful neodymium magnets can hold up to 15 pounds. These pretty simple cradle style mounts are supplied as a pack of two making them not only compatible with a wide range of semi-autos and revolver models, but also with shotguns and rifles.

While the Stinger Gun Magnet mounts guard the trigger to prevent accidental discharge, they are coated with soft rubber to protect against scratches on your gun’s finish. In addition, the series of strong magnets features unique Halbach array magnetism so they will not damage sensitive electronics on the mounting side.

The compact Stinger Gun Magnet Mount is another multipurpose handgun storage device that is perfect for the side of a car/truck console, but you can also install it in your gun safe, closet or bedside nightstand.

There are a few misconceptions about Stinger Gun Magnet Holder about installation. While some reviewers claim the Stinger can be mounted without drilling, they are wrong, because the shipped sticky tape is only there to assist with installing the mount with drilling and countersunk screws.


  • Significantly easy to install 
  • Features trigger protection 
  • Compatible with a variety of firearms 
  •  It has numerous mounting options 
  • Has a sturdy frame 


  • The adhesive is not so strong 

4. KEEPER MG Gun Magnet for Vehicle

– Magnetic Quickdraw Holder for Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Pistol up to 35 lbs – Tactical Car Holster & Mount for Home, Desk, Truck Accessories for Men

For all of you who like simplicity, the Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount is a great option either for installation or for affordability. Additionally, the Keeper MG Gun Magnet for Vehicles is compatible with most brands and can fit small to large handguns for concealed carry. Using the two included magnets it can even hold long guns like rifles and shotguns.

Each car holster magnet is equipped with powerful neodymium magnet that can hold up to 35 pounds. The one-piece metal back is coated in anti-scratch rubber padding so you don’t end up with scuffs on your firearms.

The car installation process is not overly demanding and technical making it easy to use even for beginners. The compact design of the Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount and Holster mount allows nearly unlimited mounting options at any angle while it offers an extremely fast access in dire situations.

This low profile magnetic Quickdraw holder offers flexible mounting options not only in vehicles, but you can install it under a desk, in a doorway or on the wall next to your bed.


  • Lined with magnets that have rubber coatings
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Can easily hold firearms with up to 35 pounds of weight 
  • Compatible with a lot of guns 
  • It is fully padded. This prevents damage. 


  • Not compatible with large firearms

5. Highway Holster Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

This versatile product from the Highway Holster isn’t only designed for handgun holsters, but it can be also used as a phone mount, car phone mount, electronic devices, and other personal items.

For installation, you will need at least 1″ gap space between two car seats or between driver’s seat and center console.

The Multi-Mount is designed in an arm and stand form and straps onto the seat belt buckle of your vehicle. The Highway Holster is a mounting system that can be connected with holsters and items with a standard single metal belt clip measuring 1.25 wide x 1.75″ high.

The Multi-Mount Product is easy to assemble and install without drilling or permanent modifications to your vehicle. The Highway Holster Multi-Mount moves and follows along with the seat while it is supported by an adjustable arm that sits on the floor.

Along with an arm and support leg made of molded ABS plastic with foam protection, the package includes a bungee cord that can be fastened to the console or under the seat.

The Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount from Highway Holster comes without holster, but it is a reasonably priced rig that keeps your handgun comfortably and discreetly until you need it.


  • Can easily be concealed and adjusted 
  • Perfect accessibility 
  • Gun points in a secure direction 
  • It can easily fit between consoles and seats 
  • It is compatible with other mounting magnets and accessories 


  • Some users might find it to be too flexible 
  • It can jerk to the driver’s seat 

Benefits of Using a Car Gun Holster 

As a gun owner, a car gun holster is an ideal way to carry your firearm in your vehicle. There are a lot of benefits you will enjoy if you use a car gun holster. Here are some of them. 


It is essential that you conceal your firearm if you are carrying it in your vehicle. Having a gun in your car is not something you want everyone to know. This is because some people might get alarmed. It might even trigger trespassers to employ more dangerous methods to harm you. So, having a car holster as a gun owner will protect you in situations like these. Also, some countries only allow concealed carry. They are against open carry. So, if you live in a country or state that makes it compulsory to conceal your gun a car gun holster is recommended. 

Easy Access 

Accessing your firearm in case of emergency might be a little difficult if you keep it loosely or on your car seats. You can also easily misplace it with the several things in your vehicle. Having a particular holster for your gun makes it incredibly easy for you to access it. You would know the exact place to reach out to because you already know where your gun is. Several studies have revealed that putting your gun in your car holster mount gives you easier access than putting it in your car seat loosely. 


It is incredibly dangerous to not keep your gun in a place where you can easily access it. It is also not a good idea to not fasten your gun to a place only you can reach it. Another person can access your gun. If your gun gets into the wrong hands, the result can be catastrophic. Also, your gun can go off randomly if it’s not kept in place. This is why it is advisable to get a car gun holster. That way, you will rest assured that you are the only one with access to your gun. 

In summary, while choosing the best car gun holder is relative, there are some important factors you can’t ignore when choosing your car holster. If your car holster mount cannot guarantee concealment, easy access, and protection, you should reconsider going for that car holster. A reliable car holster should be able to have these three features. So, ensure you keep these factors in mind when choosing your “best car gun holster”.

Final thought

Until now, the market is flooded with holsters and rigs specialized in interfacing your sidearm with your vehicle. Most of these car holsters keep your handgun right by your side, allowing you to draw it at a moment’s notice.

On the other side, many concealed carriers advocate keeping your handgun on your body exclusively as this is the only right and proper way to act responsibly and safely.

While some belt carry styles might be less suitable and comfortable, maybe crossdraw rigs can be a solution since it doesn’t interfere with the seat belt mechanism.


  1. Are car holsters legal? Car holster laws vary by jurisdiction. It is essential to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding the carrying and storage of firearms in vehicles.
  2. Can I use a car holster for other items besides firearms? Yes, car holsters can also be used to securely store other essential items such as flashlights, multitools, or pepper spray.
  3. Are car holsters universal or firearm-specific? Car holsters come in different sizes and designs to accommodate various firearms. It is important to choose a holster that fits your specific firearm for optimal functionality and safety.
  4. Do car holsters interfere with driving or passenger comfort? When properly installed, car holsters should not interfere with driving or passenger comfort. Choose a location that provides easy access while ensuring it does not obstruct any essential vehicle controls or seating positions.
  5. Do car holsters require any special maintenance? Car holsters generally require minimal maintenance. Regularly inspect the holster for any signs of wear or damage, and ensure that the attachment mechanisms remain secure and functional.

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