{TOP 6} Best Cross Draw Holster Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

In a nutshell, the best cross draw holsters are designed to be worn on the weak side of the body making drawing the gun more convenient. In that carrying style, the handgun butt is positioned towards the dominant hand while the muzzle points down at an angle.

Best Cross Draw Holster Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

Cross draw carry is one of the oldest ways to carry a sidearm that was particularly popular among the cowboys and gunslingers in the Wild West. From its beginning, this classic holstering technique allowed riders to carry large amounts of gear on their strong side and keep their sixguns out of the way while ranching.

Like cowboys who spent hours on end on a horseback, today’s professional drivers and anyone who spends hours in a sedentary position will have benefits from cross draw holsters.

Advantages of cross draw holsters

The cross-draw holsters are a popular choice for the hunters who carry a sidearm for protection from dangerous games. Carrying a sidearm in this manner would keep a handgun clear of a rifle or other primary long-barreled gun.

In addition, this carry style is highly appreciated by people who carry larger frame sidearms, such as full-size 1911s or single-action revolvers.

Without a doubt, the cross-draw rigs have faded in popularity these days, but they are still an excellent CCW option and a good bet for storing a backup pistol. From that standpoint, cross draw holsters are a very viable carry option for law enforcement officers.

Drawbacks of cross draw holsters

Though it’s a perfect solution for anyone with an office job, the cross draw carry records lower prevalence compared to the strong side holsters.

Cross draw carry has also a few disadvantages such as the slower draw and harder concealing. Similar to the old-fashioned shoulder holsters, drawing the gun from the cross draw holster takes more time since it requires a longer distance from your dominant hand to a sidearm.

The cross draw holsters can be used for everyday concealed carry and can be carried in both IWB and OWB style. However, concealment with this holster type is a bit more difficult when compared with strong-side holsters. So, you shouldn’t be surprised with the market offer dominated mainly by the OWB cross-draw holsters.

Cross draw Holster materials

Speaking of materials, the cross draw holsters are available in any standard holster material, like any other rig style. You can find leather, Kydex, elastic, and Nylon-made holsters, but the cross draw holsters manufactured with premium grade leather will bring you the highest level of comfort followed by durability and can last a lifetime.

As for the cross draw designs, the leather holster belongs to the best-sellers because they won’t scratch your sidearms and never goes out of style.

While the cross draw leather holsters are an everlasting investment, the other materials are also rugged, lightweight, and durable, but for the cross draw style holsters made of Kydex or nylon are usually the second choice.

If you already own some other holster type , you probably know that the best holster is made for a specific firearm to offer unquestionable security and comfort. In this buyer’s guide for the best cross draw holster, we will cover several styles and brands of holsters that would work well with a cross draw.

{TOP 6} Best Cross Draw Holster Reviews And Guides {2023 UPDATED}

1. DeSantis Sky Cop Holster

As its name suggests, a Desantis Gunhide Sky Cop Leather Cross Draw Holster is purpose-built for wearing on a weak side, making it an ideal solution for people that have to sit for long periods of time such for example air marshals.

This high ride cross draw rig is perfect as a driver holster because it is very comfortable to wear while seated in a chair and for long-distance driving.

Furthermore, its compact size makes it easy to conceal, keeping your sidearm non-visible under the clothes.

The Sky Cop cross draw holster from DeSantis is built from top-quality saddle grade leather. The premium leather is highly detail molded for the shape of a specific gun and comes with anti-moisture compound layers. Besides precision molding, the holster boasts an adjustable retention screw for added security and custom fit.

Apparently from a stylish look, this little black cross draw Desantis model features a reinforced top of the holster and a thicker layer of leather around the trigger guard.

The Sky Cop accommodates belts up to 1 1/4 inches wide and can be ordered for right- and left-handed shooters.

2. Barsony Nylon Gun

Inside The Waistband Holster for Compact-Subcompact

Barsony Nylon Gun Inside The Waistband holsters feature a diversity of use because you can wear them on strong-side, on the small of the back, or in a cross-draw manner. Surprisingly for nylon holsters, this Barsony carry rig is not a “one size fits all”, but the Barsony Nylon Gun Inside the Waistband holsters are customized to fit over forty specific firearms.

Besides its versatility and compatibility with many guns makes and models, the Barsony IWB holster is perfect for concealment without a jacket.

The Barsony Nylon Gun Inside the Waistband Holster is manufactured from premium Cordura nylon and comes with reinforced stitching around the top and side of the holster.

The military-grade Cordura nylon consists of ultra-thin four-layer laminate with an interior surface made of soft suede-like material that assists in a smooth draw and re-holstering.

This material is breathable and with an internal sweat resistant lining, this Barsony holster is perfect for warm weather.

This holster is comfortable due to the strong steel clip that accepts belts up to 1 3/4″ width. In addition, the belt clip is supported by a premium leather backing to maintain shape and hold the rig in the proper position at all times.

Though fairly inexpensive and light duty, the Barsony nylon holster will hold your defensive sidearm securely and anchor it for a positive draw.

3. Galco Dual Action Outdoorsman Holster

Like all Galco Gunleather rigs, a DAO Dual Action Outdoorsman belt holster is manufactured with top-grade leather. Combining the premium saddle leather and a rigid frame G&G offered a holster specifically constructed for double-action revolvers and other larger frame semiautomatic pistols.

As you probably know, the crossdraw holster is particularly suitable for bigger varieties of sidearms and this Galco offering is an excellent example of this Appendix Carry position. However, besides cross draw style, it can be worn strong-side for versatile carry options.

While Galco Gunleather is producing a number of DAO (Dual Action Outdoorsman), varieties, the model DAO106 is compatible with 6-inch barrel Colt Python.

The Dual Action Outdoorsman DAO Belt Holster from Galco comes with quick-release retention strap and an adjustable tension screw that offer snug custom retention according to the size of your revolver.

This stylish and very secured leather holster is extremely popular among hunters and ranchers for its durability and comfort.

The Galco DAO holster fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide and it’s available in tan, black and Havana brown.

4. Active Pro Gear Driving Crossdraw Belt Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

Conceal Carry Belt Driving Holsters | Fits Glock, S&W, Ruger, 1911

Another affordable and purpose-built holster designed specifically for cross draw comes from the American company Active Pro Gear. As its name suggests this cross draw holster is intended for gun owners who tend to drive for a substantial part of their day or spend a great amount of time behind the desk.

The Active Pro Gear will not interfere with seat belt function and will position your sidearm for instant access while wearing your seat belt.

This cross draw holster construction is a combination of durable Cordura, closed-cell foam padding and smooth nylon webbing. While the rugged Cordura nylon provides durability and a smooth, fast draw, waterproof foam padding protects the gun from moisture. The Active Pro Gear holster fits belts up to 1½ inches.

The selling point of this holster is an easy-on, easy-off feature. The flap-over-the-belt design holds the holster in place and enables you easy on/off without having to remove your belt. The holster offers a full combat grip and comes with a reinforced quick-release thumb break that secures your pistol in the holster.

Though not molded for each gun specifically, the Active Pro Gear Driving Crossdraw Belt Gun Holster is available in multiple sizes. Regarding the ability to hold a large frame gun is one of the biggest benefits of cross draw carry. Our Model 46 will accommodate full-size semi-automatic pistols like Glock 17, Beretta 92F, or 1911 with a 3-inch barrel.

5. Relentless Tactical – The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster

Although not specifically built as a cross draw holster, the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Leather Gun Holster is one of the best cross draw holsters on the market. At first, this pancake-style belt holster is constructed from the highest quality cowhide leather and designed for long-term use. Aside from premium grade material, the backbone of the pancake and holster`s pre-curved form provides a tight fit to the body and easy access with all-day comfort.

A 3-slot pancake design allows multiple carry styles at different angles for nearly every carry situation. Due to the triple belt slot design, this Relentless Tactical holster enables you to carry on a strong side, behind the hip, or a butt-forward cant for a quick cross-draw.

As a traditional pancake leather holster, the Ultimate Leather Gun Holster from Relentless Tactical doesn’t have straps or snap fasteners, but it secures the firearm using the pressure from the waistband.

The robust, Ultimate Leather Gun Holster is somewhat molded to specific handguns and features an open muzzle design for sidearms with longer barrel lengths.

The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster is perfect for open carry and can fit most 1911 pistols with any barrel length. Since it’s not a true cross draw holster, it is very suitable for concealed carry owners that relied on compact-sized pistols.

Unlike cheap nylon or generic, Chinese-made leather holsters, the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Leather Gun Holster won’t sag or loosen up over a period of time.

6. Comp-Tac Warrior Outside Waist Belt Holster

If you are not familiar with the brand, the Comp-Tac offers a wide range of products featuring superior design and craftsmanship.

Unlike most contemporary Kydex holsters , the thermoplastic material for Comp-Tac rigs is called aircraft-grade Kydex and it is used by Boeing or Airbus.

Regarding the Warrior, Comp-Tac’s newest OWB, the Kydex material is approximately 1/8 of an inch thinner than other Comp-Tac OWB holsters , making their holsters thinner than most competitor models.

Comp-Tac Warrior OWB rig offers lots of different holstering configurations due to the cant adjustment holes. Using the Phillips head hardware, the user only has to unscrew the belt loops and reposition them to get the preferred ride height for every draw.

Even though it is made to be worn on the dominant side with a straight cant, the Warrior cant is adjustable up to 140 degrees allowing the shooter to place the handgun in butt-forward position for cross draw.

The Warrior also features Retention adjustment which allows the shooter to easily modify friction with a single screw by the trigger guard.

This compact Kydex rig is perfect for outside the waistband (OWB) concealment, as it has a streamlined design and stealth footprint.

The company sells this OWB holster with two 1.50-inch rectangular, metal loops on the back and a clip to attach to the belt, but it is also available with the standard polymer clips.

The Warrior is effective outside the waistband cross draw holster with an open bottom to allow holstering guns with threaded barrels and suppressor sights.

Merits and Demerits of a Cross Draw Holster

If you are new to crossdraw gun holster, you may not know their pros and cons. However, to get a clearer picture of this type of holster, you need to learn about the pros and cons. So Let’s explore the merits and demerits of this gun holster model!


1. Comfortability

Cross draw holsters are easy to use and provide great comfort for wearers. When seated, you can still get the same comfort with this good holster. In addition, it features a quick draw option for your gun when seated at a crossdraw position.

2. More Secretive

With cross draw holsters, you can maintain a secretive status while drawing out your weapon. However, this is dependent on where you wear your holster. You can avoid much hand movement when the holster is placed behind your hip. This holster is a perfect fit to maintain a secretive status even when you draw at a seated position.

3. Less Change of Position

Unlike many holsters that usually change position after being worn for some time, there is a lesser chance that your cross draw holster will move to the back. It is more static, making you go through lesser stress when you intend to draw.

4. More Security

If you find yourself in a hand fight where your opponent grabs you making you unable to draw out your weapon, you can put your arms firmly on your sides to get to your cross draw holster quickly. With this holster holding your weapon behind your hip, you do not have to lift your elbow to get your gun across your body.

Regardless of the benefits of the cross draw holster, there are some disadvantages. The list of its disadvantages will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best concealed carry holster.


1. Easy Reach by Enemies

The positioning of the weapon’s grip makes it easy for an attacker to seize the gun during a fight. In addition, the firearm has poor retention from the front, making disarming possible, whether while standing or sitting down. So if you keep it in front, disarming is easy.

2. Muzzle Coverage

The part which covers the muzzle when drawing the handgun is another con of this holster. There is a covering of a wide arch by the muzzle from a side not dominant until it comes up to index the target with a cross draw. The disadvantage is huge and inevitable, but the situation can be managed with circumstance awareness and severe training.

3. Shooting Range Risks

Due to the circumstances surrounding several shooting ranges, a weapon cannot be kept in a cross draw holster. When facing the target with the gun, the loaded gun’s muzzle faces backward to face the safety officer. That is a terrible thing to experience hence the precautionary measure.

4. Missed Shots

There is a high chance of shooting wrongly at first when drawing the weapon from the holster. In a time of tension, many shooters have had a wrong first shot before facing the gun at their enemy.

FAQs on Cross Draw Holster

1. What is the definition of “cross draw holsters”?

Cross draw holsters are firearm holsters that require wearing a cross draw pattern. The wearing is mainly at the weak side of the body – the side that you do not use in shooting. The weapon’s butt is placed so that the shooting hand can easily reach out to the gun and draw it out.

2. Are cross draws fast?

That depends on your posture. It is hardly possible to notice a draw when sitting, and drawing is easier and faster. But, it is slow to use when standing because it involves a longer process. Also, it draws more attention while you try to draw out the weapon when standing.

3. Is a cross draw holster safe to use?

To ensure the safety of this holster, you need to get a rigid holster system to make the weapon stay put while you engage in other activities. Without this system, it is hard to say that a cross draw holster is safe as it is a major aid in keeping the gun safe.

4. Can cross draw holsters be used for everyday carry?

Yes, cross draw holsters can be used for everyday carry. They offer a convenient draw angle and can be comfortable for individuals who spend a significant amount of time seated or driving.

5. Are cross draw holsters suitable for left-handed individuals?

Cross draw holsters are available in left-hand configurations, making them suitable for left-handed individuals. Ensure you choose a holster specifically designed for left-hand use.

6. What are the different carry positions for cross draw holsters?

The carry position for a cross draw holster is typically on the opposite side of the dominant hand, positioned near the front of the body. The holster can be adjusted to a comfortable and accessible position based on personal preference.

7. How to maintain and clean a cross draw holster?

To maintain and clean a cross draw holster, follow similar steps as mentioned earlier for general holster maintenance. Disassemble if possible, handwash gently, dry thoroughly, and lubricate the moving parts with gun-specific lubricant.

8. Are cross draw holsters legal in all states?

The legality of cross draw holsters varies by state and jurisdiction. It is important to research and familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations regarding concealed carry and holster use in your area.

9. Can I use a cross draw holster for different firearm sizes?

Cross draw holsters are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different firearm sizes. Ensure you choose a holster that is compatible with your specific firearm model and size.

10. Are there any safety concerns associated with cross draw holsters?

Cross draw holsters, like any other holster, require adherence to firearm safety rules. Be mindful of muzzle direction, keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, and practice proper drawing techniques to mitigate safety concerns. It is recommended to seek professional training for safe and effective holster use.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the concept of the cross draw isn’t new to the shooting world. Over time, cross draw holsters were pushed off the mainstream in favor of strong side draw or IWB draw rigs.

While many gun experts consider cross draw carry old fashioned and outdated, in today’s rushed world there are still many folks who tend to carry their handguns at the 10 o’clock position.

Even though some holsters on this list are not dedicated, purpose-built cross draw rigs, their smart design and modular mounting systems allow users to comfortably carry their sidearms at a nine, ten, or 11 o’clock position.

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