{TOP 7} Best Glock 43 Holsters Reviews {2023 UPDATED}

The Glock 43 is a very popular and readily available firearm. It is especially popular among the CCW crowd. However, successful daily carry requires more than the perfect firearm. It also requires an equally perfect holster. Let us help you find the best Glock 43 Holster around.

{TOP 7} Best Glock 43 Holsters


Glock is one of the most popular firearm brands on the market. That means there is a nearly endless supply of holsters to choose from. Unfortunately, more choices makes selecting the perfect holster that much more difficult. What features should you look for and which are just fluff? How can you tell a quality holster from one that will fall apart? How do you tell which holster is best for your needs? These are but a few of the questions you will find yourself asking as you scan the dozens of choices.

Luckily for you, we have selected some of the best holsters for your Glock 43 . We will reveal those shortly. However, first, we are also going to share some tips on selecting a holster.

What to look for in a holster for Glock 43


Some shooters believe that comfort is a secondary consideration when selecting a holster. I disagree. The importance of comfort cannot be overstated.

Think of anything you wear on a regular basis. Be it shoes, a pair of glasses, or your favorite jeans – they have to be comfortable. Otherwise, you will not wear them. The same holds true for a holster. An uncomfortable holster will end up in a drawer gathering dust.

It is rarely a good idea to purchase a sticky holster without first trying it. Remember to try the holster with all the clothes you expect to wear regularly. Make sure it fits your body type. It should not rub against your body too much. It should also not feel like it is falling off. The best concealed carry holster should be comfortable, secure, and easy to use.


Every year, unintentional firearm deaths occur to a lot of people. Most of the time, this is because of the accidental firing of the gun. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to know how to use a firearm safely and wear a good holster with its trigger cover. For Glock 43  owners, look for a Glock 43 concealed carry holster that safeguards the trigger when not in use.

One of the main reasons you wear a holster is to protect your firearm from dirt, debris, the elements, and scratches. To do this the holster needs to be constructed well. That means it needs a sturdy, durable material such as nylon, leather, or polymer. Some people have concerns about harder materials damaging the finish on their firearms. If that is you, look for designs that include a soft liner.


A quality holster should keep your gun from falling out. This should even be true during vigorous activity. Depending on the design, there are a few types of retention to choose from. The holster will use either passive retention, active retention, or a combination of both. But what do these terms mean?

Passive retention uses friction to capture and secure your firearm.

Active retention usually includes a mechanism. That mechanism needs to be engaged to secure the firearm. You have to disengage it to draw. Common mechanisms include a thumb break, retention strap, or internal lock.

Regardless of which retention system you need to test one more thing. Make sure you can draw your firearm quickly, easily, and smoothly. A quality holster will keep the firearm from accidentally dropping out. It will make it difficult for an assailant to remove the firearm. But allow you will also be able to draw it easily.


Unless you plan on practicing open carry, the ability to conceal your holster is a must. As with fit, you must try the holster. The concealability will largely depend on where you wear the holster. Your body type and the type of clothing you wear is also important.

Easy To Handle

The way the holster fits your hand or the position it’s designed to be placed on is also up to you and varies depending on your dominant hand. If you shoot with your right hand, you need a holster that fits your right hand, hip, waist corner, ankle, or shoulder-just the exact placement on the left if you use your left hand more often. If you can shoot with both hands, you should choose a holster that fits perfectly on both sides.

Pulling Efficiency

One of the most fundamental features that people who use guns desire in a holster is how fast and easy it is to pull the gun. Pulling efficiency depends on how the holster is made and how much time it requires to take it out. A Glock 43 concealment holster that helps you pull your gun faster is undoubtedly one of the best.

Types of holsters

As you shop for a new holster, you will see many terms used to describe holsters. Some, such as ankle or shoulder, are self-explanatory. Others, like OWB , IWB , or appendix , can be more of a mystery. Let us take a moment to review each type.

  • Outside the Waistband (OWB holster) – These attach to your belt. They sit outside your waistband. These holsters require a shirt, jacket, or other outer garment for concealment.
  • Inside the Waistband holster (IWB) – Like the OWB, this holster attaches to your waistband. However, it lays inside your pants. These holsters do not completely conceal your pistol. But an untucked shirt is more than enough to cover it.
  • Shoulder – This shoulder holster hangs under your shoulder . It is supported by a harness system. These holsters are popular with plain clothes police officers. But they are not as common with civilians. They are easily covered by a jacket or sport coat.
  • Ankle – These are more popular as backup weapon holsters. This is mainly because they can be difficult to access. However, from a concealment standpoint, a good ankle holster is hard to beat.
  • Appendix – This is an IWB holster specifically designed to be worn in the front of your body.
  • Small of the back (SOB) – This is an OWB worn in the middle of your back belt area. They are usually situated at an angle to allow easier access.

The Best Glock 43 Holsters detail reviews

Our choices for the best Glock 23 holsters:

1 . Safariland 7371 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

This holster is designed as a concealment holster. It has the same durability, retention, and ease of use as Safariland’s most popular duty holster.

The 7371 combines an ALS security system and open-top design. This creates superior retention and fast draws. Your firearm is automatically secured. Still, it can be drawn with nothing more than a swipe of your thumb.

The low-profile design and paddle attachment allow for a minimal footprint. You can wear this holster with many types of clothes. The holster rides close to the body. It also attaches easily to belts from 1.5″ to 1.75″ wide.

Interior molding allows water and dirt to drain quickly. The non-marking nylon will protect your firearm from scratching. It is weather & temperature resistant.


– Exceptionally durable, non-marking nylon construction.
– Allows user to carry a single design for both duty and concealed use.
– Available in black or tan with right- or left-hand draw.


– Limited options for body placement.
– Outside the waist band carry is not optimal for deep concealment.

2. Alien Gear Shapeshifter Appendix Carry Holster

Appendix Carry is one of the most popular options for CCW. It is not always the most comfortable, though. The key is finding the right holster. That is the Shapeshifter by Alien Gear.

This holster is the latest incarnation of the Cloak Tuck series. Like the earlier model, the Shapeshifter incorporates a multi-layered flexible backing. It consists of a Thermo elastomer surface layer, a patented steel core, and a breathable neoprene layer. Unlike earlier models, this holster features a slimmed-down backer for increased comfort.

The shell mounts securely. It can be adjusted via two screws. A single belt clip allows easy IWB carrying. It was originally designed for appendix carry. However, this same holster is suitable for strong side hip, behind the hip, and cross-draw as well.


– Slim profile for increased comfort.
– Designed for appendix carry but can be adapted for other locations.
– Same shell can be used with multiple backers also available from Alien Gear.


– Single clip requires a sturdy anchor point.
– Can be a complicated to assemble.

3. 1791 Gunleather OWB Holster, Optic Ready

Do you own a Gen5 G43? If yes, you have probably taken advantage of the ability to mount several different optics to your firearm . You have probably also realized that finding a good holster can be a challenge. 1791 Gunleather has the answer with their OWB Optic Ready holster.

Nothing beats the comfort of a quality leather holster. The only thing the is better is a leather holster that also allows you to carry modern optics. Leather allows for a custom fit. It also increases security & retention. Native steer leather is one of the most durable materials available. That is why some of the best holsters are still constructed from this ancient material.

The open-top design allows for quick acquisition and ease of draw. The low-cut pocket holster provides a low profile. It also doesn’t interfere with the installed optics.


– Sturdy construction with double stitching and reinforced stress points.
– Lifetime warranty.
– Can be used with or without optics.


– Heavy, requires a large sturdy belt to secure.
– Steerhide does require regular cleaning and care.

4. DeSantis Gunhide Slim-Tuk IWB Holster

Carrying a concealed firearm for an extended period of time means you need a holster that is reliable and comfortable. Without comfort, any holster you purchase will soon find its way to the junk drawer.

DeSantis’ Slim-Tuk holster might be just what you are looking for. This is a new ambidextrous IWB holster . It is designed for ultimate comfort and minimal printing.

The holster is constructed of lightweight Kydex. The IWB Kydex creates increased comfort and durability. The tuck-able 360 C-clip offers easy on/off use and unlimited mounting options. The holster’s 1.75″ size also allows this clip to mount easily to a wide range of belts.

An open-top design allows for an optimum grip. That creates a quicker draw. The precision molding and adjustable retention pressure system ensure your weapon will stay in place until needed.


– Light weight, slim profile for increased comfort.
– Sturdy single C-Clip offers unlimited mounting options.
– The rugged Kydex construction is durable enough to withstand weather and temperature changes.


– Lack of sweat guard allows firearm to rest against skin.
– Kydex can be less comfortable for some people.

BlackHawk Stache IWB Holster with Magazine Carrier

5. Gunfighters INC Kenia Chest Holster

Hunters, fishers, and hikers know that finding a comfortable and functional holster is a challenge. Many CCW holsters are not designed for this type of carry. They may be uncomfortable. They may fail to prevent the loss of your firearm as you hunt, fish, or hike. Or they may make your firearm almost impossible to access. But there is another option – chest carry.

The Kenia Chest Holster allows you to carry your firearm securely and within easy reach. It is easy to access even when wearing multiple layers, a backpack, or even waders. Plus, it is designed for comfort above all else.

This harness utilizes a kydex holster. It is secured with a multi-point harness system. The harness system is similar to those used for bino slings. This places your firearm in the middle of your chest. It will be out of the way of other gear. But, it remains within easy reach whether standing, seated, or riding an ATV. The harness is constructed in-house of 100% nylon. It includes a four-way stretch yoke. Also, all threads are treated for protection from water and UV.


– Construction prevents interference when drawing or holstering.
– Extra wide harness bands distributes weight evenly.
– American-made and guaranteed.


– Leaves firearm exposed to the elements.
– Requires learning to draw from a new position.

6. Galco Ankle Glove Holster

Too many firearm owners overlook ankle holsters . While it may not be for everyone, ankle holsters are still a product worth considering.

The key to successful ankle carry is finding the right holster. This means one that fits well, keeps the firearm snug, and is comfortable. Galco thinks the Ankle Glove is the answer.

This holster combines a molded leather holster and nylon wrap. The wrap is secured with Velcro. It is backed with sheepskin for extra comfort. The holster looks heavy. However, it is much lighter than it appears. Plus, the wide nylon wrap helps to distribute the weight evenly. The Velcro does a good job of holding the concealed carry holster in place even during activity.


– Molded holster helps to secure the firearm and reduce printing.
– Extra wide band increased comfort by dispersing weight.
– Quality construction ensures this holster will last for many years.


– The leather interior can sometimes mar the firearm’s finish.
– Ankle carry can expose your firearm to dirt, water, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Glock 43 Holster Fit a 43x?

The grip size is the crucial distinction between a Glock 43 and a Glock 43X. The handle on a 43X is a little larger. Based on how your holster is made, you will not need a broader handle. Many of the holsters crafted for the Glock g43 also work with the 43X. To be sure, you could find information about your holster in local shops. If your existing holster only covers the area around the trigger guard, it should also fit a Glock 43X.

2. Can You Use These Holsters With no Belt?

It might be unsafe to place your Glock 43 in the holster fastened to your pants without a belt. The purpose of a holster is to protect your gun in the same spot all day, and no matter which holster you decide to purchase, always go for a suitable one. A good holster will never unbuckle even if your pants are falling off. Regardless, your belt is essential in keeping your gun safe and accident-free.

3. How Economical is it to Buy a Glock 43X?

It varies based on whether or not you like Glock products. Some people don’t like Glock at all, but the manufacturer makes some good handguns, and the 43X is an excellent weapon for the price range. The 43X has a bigger magazine size than the 43.

The gun has a narrower edge than the Glock 48 and has the same diameter in every other aspect. It’s a good idea to look into if you want a compact car gun with a slightly longer grip and more magazine rounds than other pistols.

4. Is it Difficult to Spot the Glock 43X?

Glock 43X is not challenging to spot, even when carried in a holster. The handgun has a relatively long handle to fit a 10-round mag, but it is still a 3.5-inch pistol (subcompact pistol). These handguns are simpler to conceal than the Glock48, a 4.5-inch and full-size barrel handgun (compact pistol). Nothing in the Glock 43 X’s length, width, or design makes it less suitable for concealed carry, aside from the oversized grip, which makes it harder to hide.


Hopefully, our choices for the best Glock 43 holsters includes your next favorite holster. If not, our tips will help you make the perfect selection.

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